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Press Statement
December 29, 2002
Patricio Ramirez
Partido ng Manggagawang Pilipino

GMA's ouster through an uprising is a possibility
Rejection of rival's rise to power is a necessity

In the coming year, the revolutionary movement must prepare for the distinct possibility that the puppet GMA regime will be ousted through a people's uprising. The task of the revolutionary forces is to reject the ascension to power of any of GMA's reactionary rivals and popularize the call for a thoroughgoing social revolution.

The CPP's move to intensify the armed struggle in order to overthrow the GMA regime but without calling on the people to repudiate her contenders is a patent betrayal of the revolution. The CPP is setting up the scenario for a worse sequel to EDSA Dos by forging a united front with reactionary forces for GMA's ouster and Guingona's rise to power. When Armando Liwanag's declares "Guingona is open to replacing GMA before 2004," he is not stating a fact but leaking a conspiracy.

GMA replacing Estrada was a tragedy but Guingona supplanting GMA will be a farce, both in terms of the standards of the ruling system and the interests of the oppressed masses. At least GMA was an elected vice-president but Guingona is only an appointee. Guingona, or De Venecia, have no track record to speak of to merit being rewarded by a victorious people's uprising. Guingona may be a nationalist but he is bourgeois nonetheless. De Venecia was and still is the epitome of the traditional politician. Both have been silent while the workers struggle for protection against globalization, the urban poor and vendors resist demolitions and the peasants fight for land reform.
Hand in hand with the CPP's opportunist tactic for GMA's ouster, is its anemic reading of the task for the 2004 elections. It is not the business of the revolutionary movement to defeat GMA in the 2004 elections for it only means the success of any of her rivals.

The PMP calls on the people to intensify the mass struggles and forge the mass movement independent of the competing reactionaries. Amidst the profound split within the ruling class, the independent mass movement must put the stamp of the people's demand for social reform and social change.

With the prospect of a war breaking out in Iraq and a recession blowing up the world economy, the conditions are ripe for a rapid advance of the revolutionary movement. The ruling class cannot and will not halt the collapse of the economy and the worsening of poverty under the blows of imperialist globalization that is itself in crisis.

The prospect of a people's uprising maturing rests on mass struggles, like the PLDT strike and the vendor's struggles, expanding and deepening. Such is the preparation for a plebian- not patrician-led people's uprising like three previous EDSA's. Nevertheless, if an uprising does not mature before 2004, then the independent mass movement will intervene in the elections by projecting a progressive platform and supporting progressive candidates for Congress. ###