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Press Statement
February 9, 2003

Patricio Ramirez
Partido ng Manggagawang Pilipino

Bloody intrigue by unrepentant Stalinists

The CPP leadership's latest denial of responsibility for the assassination of Ka Popoy Lagman is not worth the paper it is written on coming as it is from barefaced liars and unrepentant Stalinists. While we point no accusing finger at the CPP for the murder of Ka Popoy, neither can we absolve them of any blame pending definite evidence.

In truth, Ka Roger's latest press statement aims not so much to clear the CPP since it, typically, offered no shred of evidence but merely advanced accusations. More than that, Ka Roger sought to hit two birds with one stone: slander the revolutionary record of Ka Popoy and provoke bloody intrigue between the Partido ng Manggagawang Pilipino and the RPM-RPA-ABB.

Ka Roger's repeat of the stale gossip about the PEA-Amari land deal does not deserve another denial. Rather we direct the media to seek the statements of independent parties familiar with the issue-such as Atty. Alex Padilla who acted as counsel to the Freedom Island urban poor residents-who have no partisan interest to distort the truth.

Ka Roger's assertion that we are preparing to exact vengeance on the RPM-RPA-ABB is a blatant intrigue meant to rouse reprisal. At present, the only thing we can conclusively accuse the RPM-RPA-ABB of is shameless capitulation in exchange for a few pieces of silver. We will not fall prey to bloody intrigue among the Left that the CPP is naively provoking and the State is carefully manipulating.

The CPP's cold-blooded murder of Romulo Kintanar and Ka Roger's purposive intrigue about Ka Popoy has opened the Left to a fratricidal war that the military will incite and inflame in order to crush the whole revolutionary movement. We call on well-meaning individuals and groups to intervene and put political pressure on the CPP to stay its bloody Stalinist hands and hypocritical lips.

We reiterate that we are discreetly conducting our own investigation of Ka Popoy's murder, and we will only reveal the results and our definite conclusions at the opportune time. ###